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Market saw 01 dec. 27 17.16

A Simple Request

The marketplace bustled with activity. Vendors hawking wares competed against one another for the attention of the patrons strolling by. Children played with sticks and barrel hoops, laughing merrily as they darted in and out, deftly negotiating the throng of bodies as only children can.

And the smells. Oh, what a mix. Fresh breads and pies, meats, cheeses. Newly tanned leather, fish and livestock as well. The air hung heavy with the sent of the sea as well, and the cries of the gulls could be heard over all the other din of the Porta Serafina market.

Goods from all over Théah could be found. Rare and exotic spices from the Crescent Empire sold in a stall beside silks reportedly from Cathay. A merchant with the largest gathered crowd advertised genuine Syrneth relics, at prices any house could afford.

It is said “In Vodacce, anything can be bought.” What is left out is that, oft times, the price is beyond what can be paid. In truth, nothing in Vodacce is ever simple, and few things are ever ‘requests’.

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